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Week 30: Sum up Harry Potter in One Word

This is a tall order, to sum up such a long, complex, many-layered story in just one word. I could go the cliche route and say "magical." I could wimp out and not be very descriptive, and just say "amazing" or "an adventure" or something of that nature (which could be said about any number of great stories, I might add). But I'm going to go the slightly-cliche, slightly-nondescriptive route and sum up Harry Potter with this word:


Harry Potter is a story about friends, about the invisible bond that holds them together, about the kind of love that makes ordinary people into heroes, because they stand up and protect the people they care about. And at the risk of sounding sappy, I sometimes feel like the characters are my friends too. I followed their journey for so many years, and got to know their quirks and foibles so well, it was like I was along for the ride too. I'm so glad that such a famous, popular story holds friendship in such high regard.