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Character Sortings

Over the past year, I was introduced to an alternate method of Sorting people into the four Hogwarts houses. You can find the full explanation here.

This is a really brilliant system of Sorting people, more detailed and nuanced than the simple distinctives we're given from the Sorting Hat's songs in the books. It's helped me understand myself, my friends, and my characters more, and is just such a fun exercise. (In case anyone wonders, I'm a Ravenclaw Primary, Hufflepuff Secondary. I was Sorted into Ravenclaw on Pottermore, and that's the house I would choose if given an option.)

I'm not always the best at thinking logically or analyzing characters, but I'm going to try to stretch myself by Sorting some characters using this system. I'm going to start with Full Metal Alchemist, since those are some of the characters I know best, but I may branch out after that.

This could be slow in coming, but I'm not too worried because nobody reads these posts anyway :P This is just for my own pleasure.