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Week 25: Favorite Soundtrack Song

There have only been three times the Harry Potter movies have had good enough music that I've actually noticed it. The first, of course, is the Harry Potter theme itself. The second was the "Double Trouble" song in Prisoner of Azkaban, because it was catchy and unexpected. But the first time I decided I actually needed to go out and buy the entire soundtrack was when I heard this awesome bit:

Week 24: Favorite Alteration from the Books

I'm not sure I'd exactly call it an alteration, necessarily. I guess it's more of an interpretation. I just really like all the ways they hinted at Harry being a Horcrux, reacting to the other Horcruxes, etc. In the books, Dumbledore talks about seeing a flash of red in Harry's eyes, but in the movies they interpret that into that odd neck...twitch...thing that Harry does all through the fifth movie. And I loved it when they brought it back in the sixth movie, when Harry touches the ring and there's a violent reaction. It was also brilliant how they made a sound for the Horcruxes in the seventh and eighth movies - especially the seventh. It's like that odd ringing sound forms the backbone of the entire soundtrack, growing louder when the Horcruxes are stronger.

Week 23: Favorite Casting Decision

(...Why do I get the feeling that someone was scraping the bottom of the barrel with this one...?)

I think the best casting decision the Harry Potter team made was casting Michael Gambon as Dumbledore. The first Dumbledore looked perfect, but was just too old to make it through the entire series with the amount of vitality and energy that Dumbledore needs to have. I was really hesitant about the new Dumbledore when I first heard that they had to get a new one. He looked different, sounded different, acted different...would he work in the shoes of my favorite character? But what really sealed it was that lovely little moment they added towards the end of the third movie, after Harry and Hermione come rushing back from saving Buckbeak and Sirius, breathlessly telling Dumbledore what they've done. And Dumbledore turns around, saying, "Did what? Goodnight!" And he has the perfect Dumbledore wink and twinkle of the eye. He captured Dumbledore as few others could, and I'm glad he was there for the rest of the series.

Week 22: Favorite Cast Member

This one's a hard one, partly because a lot of the actors aren't that great, and partly because the rest of them are just so dang good. But I think possibly my favorite is Ralph Fiennes. He makes an absolutely perfect Voldemort - so evil you can practically smell it. His movements are snakelike, he makes not having a nose really creepy and intimidating, and he makes you believe everything Dumbledore has ever said about Voldemort and everything you imagined he would be in the books.

Week 21: Favorite Director

I can't imagine anyone not answering this question with the obvious answer: David Yates. There's a reason he directed half the series, when the most any of the others ever did was two movies. Unlike any of the previous directors, David Yates really seemed to understand what the story was about, what the heart was that beats in the center of this series, and knew how to bring it to the screen. He knew what to condense, what to extrapolate, what to cut out and what to leave in. I really admire the way he adapted the seventh book, especially. Despite my skepticism at first when they announced they were splitting it into two movies, I really liked the result because it allowed them to really, fully explore the story and delve into its complexities. It was only when David Yates came on board that the movies could actually be good movies, rather than just good adaptations.

Week 20: Favorite Movie

I have a sort of love-hate relationship with the Harry Potter movies. While it's really fun to see these wonderful stories portrayed on the screen and watch everything come to life...they just can't live up to the depth and complexity of the books. Some of the movies were better than others, of course, and there's always something that I can really appreciate about the way they brought the books to life in each one.

But the only movie that I really felt could stand on its own, as a movie, was the seventh. The eighth one was pretty good too, but it kind of relies on the seventh one since it's just the second half of the same story. Not only is it an excellent adaptation of the first half of the book, it's also a strong movie in its own right. They take the time to do things right and actually let the audience feel the emotions and struggles of the characters, which I felt was lacking in previous movies.

Week 19: The Epilogue

I was a little surprised once I discovered how controversial the Epilogue is among HP fans. I thought it was kind of nice to know what happens to the characters in the future, and catch a glimpse of hope for peace. I don't think it's particularly necessary; I would have been just as satisfied if the series ended with Voldemort's defeat and that was it. But I don't find it as problematic as a lot of fans.
All of my book release experiences have been very boring, because I've never been one of those people to go to midnight release parties or stay up all night reading it the second I get my hands on it or anything like that. Mostly because I always got them in Europe, and there were never any midnight release parties to go to for the ones I was actually waiting for (5-7). Also, for the books that I had to wait for, I always ended up reading them aloud to my mom and my brother for my first read-through, which meant I had to wait for times when we'd all be free, so that made binge-reading impossible.

But as big of a fan as I am of these books, it never bothered me that I'd have to wait and read them slower than most fans. That just meant I got to savor the experience longer, and really dig into the story rather than rushing ahead to devour the whole plot all at once.

Week 17: Part That Makes You Teary

I rarely cry while reading (or watching) Harry Potter. As much as I love it, as invested as I am in the characters, it just usually doesn't affect me that much.

The only time in the movies I ever cried was at Dobby's death - and not because I care much about the character; it was mostly because of Dan Radcliffe's acting. He'd finally learnt how to make crying look believable :P

In the books, I almost cried the first time I read about Lupin and Tonks's deaths, mostly just from the shock of it. I knew someone would have to die in the battle, but I hadn't expected it to be them. There have also been scattered times that I've gotten teary-eyed at the scene in St. Mungo's where Neville is with his parents, and of all things the Christmas in Grimmauld Place, now that I know that's the last time Harry and Sirius are together before the latter's death.

But for the most part, Harry Potter doesn't make me cry.
Honestly? Minerva McGonagall. She's the character I want to know more about. Sure, there's a bit more information on Pottermore than we get in the books, but I want more. I want to know her whole story, what goes on in her head, what her hopes and dreams were as a young witch, what she thought the first time she met Dumbledore, her relationship with Snape...everything! McGonagall is one of those stern, quietly awesome characters I love. You think of her as just the harsh teacher type...until she really shows her strength in the fifth book and on.

More McGonagall, please!


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